About us

The company was formed in May 2005 based on a) the concept of creating a financial vehicle to invest in the italian lifesciences sector with particular emphasis on new medical and diagnostic technologies b) the realization that Italy was practically absent from venture capital that would assist emerging companies in this field and facilitate possible spin-offs from universities and research institutes.

With the creation of LSC we tried to fill this gap that, besides placing the country among the very last in Europe,also generates considerable difficulties in the formation of new companies in a sector where Italy enjoys considerable activity and where there is great potential of scientific, human and cultural resources to be exploited.

LSC therefore offers itself as a strategic and financial partner to the universe of italian lifesciences companies and institutions and as a potential partner to international venture capital funds interested in investing in the italian lifesciences sector through a highly qualified and reliable structure.

The company founded by a well known life sciences manager/enterpreneur and by private and institutional financial investors has recently strengthened itself with the arrival of a new shareholder, the Petrone Group (www.petrone.it), a holding of over 30 companies active for more then 40 years in the italian lifescience sector and other new investors. The certified NAV has grown eight fold since LSC’s founding.


Board of Directors

William Cavendish, President and CEO
Raffaele Petrone, Vice President
Piergiorgio Bianchetti, Board Member
Niccolò Colussi, Board Member
Danilo De Mari, Board Member
Vittorio Puppo, Board Member

Statutory Board of Auditors

Marco Pardi, President
Alessandro Pinci
Antonio De Crescenzo

Cosimo Vitelli
Beatrice Gattei


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