AAA, Advanced Accelerator Applications

Radiopharmaceutical company established in 2002 as a spin-off of CERN. Today it is one of the European leaders in the production of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and is developing, directly and through agreements with various international research centers, advanced diagnostic technologies and innovative therapeutical products in Nuclear Medicine for oncological applications.

The company has ten existing laboratories in different European countries and has recently completed a number of acquisitions in Europe and USA while continuing to register double digit growth in Sales and Profits. AAA with approximately Euro 50 Million in Revenues, over 200 employees and more then 100 shareholders, has recently closed a significant capital increase subscribed by an important pharmaceutical company interested in the development of its nuclear medicine molecule. Other agreements with multinational companies for the production and commercialization of molecules are in place.

LSC has invested in several phases since May 2005 and has recently sold a significant part of its shareholding realizing a multiple of eight times the investment.  LSC remains a significant shareholder with a share of approximately 8%.

For more info please see www.adacap.com


im3D is a research company that collaborates closely with medical and clinical specialists to develop advanced medical imaging solutions for the early detection and prevention of cancer pathologies.

im3D's solutions utilize the most advanced technologies in the field of CAD and are based on proprietary algorithms and methodologies developed as a result of over 5 years of scientific, clinical and technical research.

CAD-COLON, the company's first commercial product, is a diagnostic device able to support medical specialists in the early diagnosis and prevention of colon tumors. The company has recently introduced a new tomosynthesis product for early diagnosis of breast cancer and is developing applications for a variety of different cancer pathologies.

LSC has invested in May 2006 together with a foreign high-tech fund and today holds 18% of the company.

For more info please see www.i-m3d.com


Founded in October 2001 by a senior nuclear medicine doctor and two senior radiologists, CERMA SARL is a company that designs and manufactures minimally invasive medical devices that are used to perform targeted multi therapy.

The company has developed three separate products for the treatment of solid tumors by thermo ablation and with the addition of radiopharmaceuticals( brachytherapy), a development that has attracted the investment of our participated company AAA as well as with the addition of traditional pharmaceuticals.

Today the company is focused on Oncosteam, the first product using steam ablation for solid tumors that is ready to start a multicenter clinical study with the participation of public funding through OSEO.

LSC has invested in July 2007 and together with foreign based Carpefin has acquired the majority of the company.

For more info please see www.cerma-med.com


The company was spun-off from Cerma in July 2011 to develop and commercialize medical devices in the vascular segment of varicose veins.

The company, with its recently published clinical studies and its various international patents, has obtained CE mark for FlexiVein and TribVein, respectively for the treatment of saphenous veins and tributary veins with which it started commercialization in a number of European countries. The development plan foresees the acquisition of a significant share of the rapidly growing European and international market for varicose veins treatment.

LSC today owns a majority share of the company.

For more info please see www.cermavein.com


Li- tech, Life Imaging Technologies, was born in 2003 as a spin-off of CNR (National Research Center) dedicated to the development and manufacturing of modern high-tech diagnostic devices.

The company has developed high resolution portable, rechargeable, battery powered hand held cameras that may be used in a standard diagnostic environment. This allows the company to obtain very high resolution scintigraphic images( 2 to 3 mm) in a very short period of time. The main product, protected by four international patents, is IP Guardian and is available in a number of Italian hospitals.

LSC acquired a majority participation in the company in 2007 together with the original inventor/founder, a CNR researcher with a twenty years seniority in the physics institute and has recently sold all of its shares to Echolight Srl.

For more info please see www.li-tech.it


ABIEL was born as a spin-off of the University of Palermo and the CNR of Capo Granitola from the idea of generating proteolytic enzymes that can be used in cell therapy and in other biomedical areas such as tissue regeneration and substitutive medicine.

The first objective is to improve enzyme extraction/production process through two different already patented innovations:

- to generate recombinant enzyme (pure, stable, specific and non toxic) using bio-molecular approaches;
- to select, characterize and purify proteolytic enzymes from marine organisms that can work at low temperatures (<20C) thus preserving the physiological/functional characteristics in  applicative processes.

For more info please see www.abielbiotech.com


Echolight, founded in 2010 as a spin-off of CNR of Lecce, is a start‐up company developing the very first non‐invasive solution for the early diagnosis of Osteoporosis and related bone diseases. Echolight wants to become the leading company of the “Compact Revolution” in the medical device arena pioneering new non‐invasive and hand‐held systems to shift current radiation‐based procedures to primary care radiation‐free solutions.

Osteoporosis is a silent and epidemic disease that affects 200M women worldwide and the expected change in demographics will worsen the problem. The alarming increase of Osteoporosis, included by WHO in the top 10 health priorities for the coming years, has accelerated the need for early detection of the disease. Echolight with its two new products under advanced development will make the diagnosing of osteoporosis more accurate, more accessible and less expensive.

Echolight has recently acquired Li-Tech Srl to strengthen its position in the diagnostic field.

LSC has invested in June 2011 and will progressively acquire 50% of the shareholding.

For more info please see www.echolightmedical.com

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