Identity and Market Strategy

LSC is structured as a financial holding company and it looks for investment opportunities in italian private companies or foreign companies that have a close synergy with previous investments made. The ideal split of its investments is as follows:

10% seed money
25% early stage
25% growth stage
40% mature stage o pre-IPO

The fundamental investment criteria are as follows:

  1. products ready for commercialization and therefore already tested(pre-commercial working prototype available)
  2. niche and well identified markets
  3. potential international market opportunities
  4. strong and well defendable IP
  5. business model that allows the newco to become ideally cash-flow positive within 24 months
  6. entrepreneur/founder with solid scientific knowledge of the product or market and management/founder with a vision to create a start-up with potential to become a leader in its market

The basic investment structure:

  • Majority investment jointly with other investors in a lead or co-lead position
  • Minority investment that would however allow LSC to be a significant reference shareholder
  • Active presence on the Board of Directors
  • 3-5 year investment cycle

The founding shareholders bring an extensive experience in lifesciences and finance with a vast network of high level industry contacts, excellent relationships in the world of scientific research and finance. This allows the creation of significant added value in the companies in which we invest with a specific support in the a)formation of the board and scientific advisory board b) management and scientific talent search c) strategic assistance in marketing and IP area d)industry contacts for licensing and co-developments e)access to primary financial institutions.


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